BI Support Workshops

Workshop Series

Dartmouth has been selected to participate in a NSF-funded study to determine best practices in broader impact partnerships. Working with the Vermont Institute of Natural Science, we are actively seeking faculty who will be preparing NSF CAREER submissions and are looking for support. Given the nature of VINS work, this is likely to be faculty in natural science-related programs.

The broader impact support workshops are open to ALL faculty, regardless of program, or proposal stage.

Thursday, March 28: 12-1:00pm
Broader Impacts: developing a Broader Impact identity
Guests: Michelle Amato, Vermont Institute of Natural Science and Christian Darabos from Research Computing
We will discuss the concept of BI in the CAREER award, and develop your BI identity through workshopping and discussing the outreach/public engagement landscape. Please complete as much of the Broader Impacts Identity Worksheet as you are able, and come prepared to discuss.
We will also have a visit from Research Computing who may also be a partner for assistance with data needs in the grant.
Lunch Provided. Registration Required.

Thursday, April 25: 12-1:00pm
Reviewer Perspective: Demystifying the Process
Guest: Edward Taylor, NSF; Lora Leligdon, physical sciences librarian; Grant GPS
Ed Taylor is a NSF Program Officer in the Division of Mathematical Science at NSF. He will describe the NSF grant process from the program officer’s side.
Lora Leligdon is the physical sciences librarian who will offer improtant guidance on where and how to get assistance with data management, and Grant GPS will introduce their writing-support services.
The presentation will be informal and questions will be especially welcomed
Lunch Provided. Registration Required.

Tuesday, May 28: 12-1:00pm

My Process: Thoughts from Funded Recipients
Guests: Jimmy Wu, Chemistry Department; John Voight, Mathematics Department.
Lunch Provided. Registration Required.

If you are interested in participating in these workshops, please email us