Science Pub

Thirsty for a good conversation in a comfortable atmosphere? Do you have questions you would like to ask a scientist or would you just like to sit back, relax and learn something new about the world? Come to a Science Pub for an open, thought-provoking, easy-to-understand discussion.

About the Program

These public events are open to all and are held at:

Salt Hill Pub, 2 W. Park St., Lebanon, NH from 6:00-8:00 pm. 

Science Pubs run during the fall (October and November) and spring (February, March and April, weather permitting).  

Based on the Science Cafe model developed in Europe in the 1990s, Science Pubs at Salt Hill bring scientists and the public together for informal discussion around topics relevant to your world. A Science Pub is not a lecture but is a good conversation. Enjoy your refreshments or dinner while engaging with your community and local scientists and experts.

Please call ahead to the Salt Hill Pub for any potential weather-related cancellations.  Science Pubs meet on the last Thursday of the given month.

Brought to you by Dartmouth Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies Outreach and Salt Hill Pub, Lebanon.

Science Pubs are recorded, created into podcasts, and published on the Steaming Piles of Science website, where you can also catch up on any topics you missed.

More Science Cafes in NH and VT: Science Cafe NH, Science on Tap. For More Information about Science Cafes visit: Science Cafes.