Community Programs

There are a number of opportunities in STEM for members of the local community that may not be directly associated with Dartmouth programming, but may be of interest to visitors to our site. If you would like us to promote your STEM opportunity here, please be in touch.

High School STEM Pathways

Associate dean for the sciences, Dan Rockmore, is working with Hanover High school to bring Dartmouth scientists to school. This program aims to introduce students to real scientists in a very informal setting, allowing for more authentic engagement beyond the typical classroom instruction. If you are interested in participating as a researcher, or having a similar program in your school, please be in touch.

You can read more about some of Prof. Rockmore's outreach work with local schools here.

New Hampshire Academy of Science STEM Opportunities

Based in Lyme, New Hampshire with state of the art laboratory facilities, the New Hampshire Academy of Science is offering two summer programs funded through their NIH/SEPA award for middle and high school students.

There are also opportunities for 8th and 9th graders to apply for their STEM Fellowship program.

The students chosen as NHAS STEM Fellows will be part of a distinguished group will participate in research programs following the timeline:

  • Summer 2023 - begin with a 1-week summer research orientation program

  • Academic Year 2023-24 - involvement in authentic research either remotely or on-site at one of our participating laboratories in our after-school program

  • Summer 2024 until high school graduation - conduct advanced physical science and engineering research during our
    3-to-5-week summer Applied Scientific Research programs with flexibility to participate in our after-school programs

Details on each program, and application information, can be found on the NHAS website, under PROGRAMS.