How to Get Involved

Dartmouth faculty participate regularly in outreach programming and we are a key support for junior faculty who plan to submit an NSF CaREER proposal. We are building a network of support for the broader impact (BI) statements in CAREER proposals and have dedicated sections to this crucial component. It is important to start thinking about the BI early in the process and we encourage you to be in touch early in the proposal process.

Faculty can propose new collaborations with the many partners we have connections with and learn how to integrate work with those we already have in place. If you are interested in low impact outreach opportunities, we encourage you to look at some programs we already run and learn how to get involved. Ongoing opportunities include the following: panelists for Science Pub; test writers for Science Olympiad; panelists for STEAM Pathways at Hanover High School.

Please email us if you are interested in any of these, or if you would like to discuss your proposal. We can help connect you.